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    The Holy Grail – Youthful Serum

    The Holy Grail – Youthful Serum

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    Aging, Pigmentation, Scars, Dullness – Bring back the Young Glowing Skin from your early 20s


    Collagen + Tranexamic Acid + Vitamins C & E = Bring back the Young Glowing Skin from your early 20s
    With our patented Collagen Extract Formula, this deep- and fast-penetrating serum reduces the look of multiple signs of aging caused by the environmental assaults of modern life. Skin looks smoother and less lined, younger, more radiant and even toned.
    In one month, see more youthful skin, minimized wrinkles and better texture and tone.
    Within 3 Weeks
    • Lines and wrinkles appear reduced.
    • 95% of women said skin looked more youthful.
    After One Bottle
    • Skin feels firmer. 91% of women agreed.
    • Skin looks healthy, has a new glow and vitality.
    Plus, over time, pores look diminished.
    Capsules are 100% biodegradable
    Our secret is in the capsule and manufacturing process – light and air are kept out and potency in. Skincare ingredients are highly reactive and hence, our capsules are the perfect solution.
    Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types. Proven effective for all skin tones.
    How to use:
    The Holy Grail – Youthful Serum:
    Step1: Gently cleanse your face with mild facewash.
    Step2: Apply 1 essence capsule on your face.
    Step3: Gently massage until absorbed
    Step4: Use a mild moisturizer (Optional)
    Usage: Include it in your PM routine regularly for best results.
    Collagen Extract – reduces wrinkles & fine lines, and firms skin. While you sleep, it helps ignite skin’s natural nightly repair process.
    Tranexamic Acid – a brightening powerhouse, it’s heaven-sent for anyone dealing with melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, or purple-y red-splotched complexions
    Primrose – helps soften and smooth the skin, improving the skin’s overall texture. It also helps lock in moisture to minimize water loss.
    Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) – consists of small proteins, that assist in rejuvenation and revitalization reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improve overall tone and texture
    Vitamin C – boost skin smoothness, firmness and brightness
    Vitamin E – reduces UV damage in skin. Nourish and protect your skin from damage. Repairs the skin

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