Skincare for Different Skin Types

    Skincare for Different Skin Types

    The first and most important step in Skincare is to determine your skin type. Take the Skin Quiz to know the best suited products for you. This helps you identifying the product that is best suited for your skin and skin type.  And sometimes, it can be tricky to understand your skin type and identify the skin issues that comes with it. This is probably why most of us end up using the wrong product as well. When it comes to skin care, there is no one- size-fits-all. Every different skin types needs to be cared for differently. 


    Identifying Different Skin Types


    Not many women realise that pores are one of the biggest indicators of our skin type. Their size and tendency to get clogged can tell you a lot about whether your skin care routine is working or not.

    • Dry skin – Typically small tight pores
    • Oily skin – Large pores that get clogged very easily
    • Combination skin – Large pores around the nose but unnoticeable pores on the cheeks
    • Sensitive skin – Large pores but only as a reaction to an irritant
    • Normal skin – Small pores that don’t get clogged



    Skin Care Tips for different Skin Types


    Dry Skin

     Identifying dry skin

    • Flaky and rough skin
    • Uneven texture
    • Constant itching
    • More noticeable lines
    • Less flexibility in skin


    Dealing with dry, dehydrated skin? Don’t despair. There’s a skin care routine for that!

    Maybe your skin feels tight, scaly, flaky, or a combination of all three. While the causes may differ, anyone can practice a skin routine for dry skin that will be to their benefit.

    “As skin dries, it shrinks and causes cracks, which can get deep, painful, and even start to bleed. Cracks allow germs and bacteria to enter the body, which can potentially lead to a skin infection.


    Causes of Dry Skin:

    • Genetics- If members in your family have dry skin, you are likely to have it too.
    • Climate- Dry skin is more common in dry climates and in winters due to lack of humidity.
    • Long showers- If you take a longer shower with warm water, it can rip off the natural oils from your skin, and  lead to skin eczema
    • Age- As you age, the sebum production in your skin reduces too. This can cause dryness and flaking in your skin. 


    Skincare Tips for Dry Skin:


    Cleanse - Cleanse with a hydrating cleanser that doesn’t disrupt the outer skin layer.


    Toner - Tone with an alcohol-free toner to restore skin pH.


    Serums – For Dry Skin, Sugassence 24k Magic Skin Elixir is the go to product. Rich in Oligopeptides, Ceremides and Real 24k Golds. Skin Elixir provides instant Glowing, Glass Skin. 


    Moisturise- Using a thick moisturiser can help keep your skin supple and hydrated at all times. Our favourite is Cetaphil moisturizer or Dot & Key ceramides moisturizer.


    Protect from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays to prevent sun damage.



    Oily Skin

    When your skin produces excess sebum, it often becomes greasy, sweaty, and susceptible to skin acne, blackheads and whiteheads, and other skin problems.

    Identifying Oily Skin

    • Oily appearance
    • Open/larger pores
    • Prone to breakouts
    • Clogged pores
    • Blackheads and whiteheads


    Causes of Oily Skin

    • Hormonal changes- Changes occurring during hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, or puberty.
    • Environment changes- You can also experience oily skin because of your location and the season. If you live in a humid or hot climate, you will likely experience oily skin.
    • Genetics-Most often, oily skin is a result of genes that have been passed on to you.
    • Over- exfoliation- Exfoliating too much or using harsh chemicals that are not suitable for your skin kind can also stimulate sebum production. 



    Skincare Tips for Oily Skin:

    • Moisturise- Even if you have oily skin, it is important to moisturise your skin as it will help balance out the overproduction of sebum.
    • Stay hydrated- Drinking enough water will help flush out any excess oil and toxins layered on your skin surfaces.
    • Double cleanse- To get rid of the oil effectively, cleanse your face twice, once in the day and once before you hit the bed. 
    • Use Sugassence Ace That Face to reduce pore size, oil control and blemishes.



    Monthly Tip: Use Sugassence Oily skin Gel mask customized plan for healthy & Golwing skin.




    Combination Skin

    Having combination skin means you have traits of both dry and oily skin. This skin type requires high level sun protection due to its oily nature and sensitivity to UV rays.


    Identifying Combination Skin Type

    • Oily T-zone and dry cheeks
    • Breakouts just on temple, jaw and nose
    • Dry cheeks
    • Large and open pores
    • Shiny skin


    Skincare Tips for Combination Skin

    • Use gentle face wash- Combination skin has larger pores in the T-zone than the rest of your face. Using harsh products may clog your pores. A gentle cleanser is recommended if you have combination skin.
    • Use Sugassence Capsule serums based on your specific concerns.
    • Apply sunscreen- Pick an oil-free sunscreen with mattifying properties.


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